What do you even do, anyway?

Some attorneys went to law school so they could help billionaires navigate loopholes. This one went to law school to learn how to win cases.

Entertainment & Media

While at Sony Pictures, Mr. Kawabata handled YouTube copyright and fair use issues but now represents independent creators and small productions.

As a former writer and director himself, Mr. Kawabata understands creators’ passion to see their dreams realized on audiences’ screens.

Housing Rights

Los Angeles renters are protected by some of the strongest laws in the country.  Mr. Kawabata works to hold unethical landlords accountable when they violate those laws. 

After having previously represented some of the largest real estate holding companies in LA, he knows every trick in their book and how to beat them. 

Securities Fraud

As a Public Investors Advocate Bar Association (PIABA) member, Mr. Kawabata is ready to take the fight to negligent and dishonest brokerage firms and investment advisers – who defraud American investors out of up to $10 billion annually, according to the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) – in FINRA arbitration claims.

Boring Law.

Exciting Cases.