B. Makoa Kawabata

Top-Tier, Forward-Thinking Advocacy

Elite education and training.

Individualized attention.

Advising productions, individuals, and small businesses
on media projects and in disputes.

Trial Counsel

Mr. Kawabata prevailed in multiple trials resulting in seven-figure judgments for his clients before he turned 30.  His skills have only gotten better since then.

Production Counsel

With experience working with legal affairs departments at Big Five studios, Mr. Kawabata helps get projects off the ground and onto screens.

Public Investors' Advocate

As a Public Investors Advocate Bar Association (PIABA) member, Mr. Kawabata fights in court and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) arbitration to hold negligent and unethical brokerage firms and financial advisers accountable when their breach of fiduciary duty, misrepresentations, unsuitable recommendations, or unauthorized trading/liquidation has resulted in investment losses.

Workers' Rights Advocate

Alongside his former co-chair of the Public Interest Law Fund at UCLA School of Law, Mr. Kawabata stands up for workers against unscrupulous employers who engage in unfair business practices including wage theft and wrongful termination.

I don't mind complimenting good work when I see it, and you did a hell of a job.
- Opposing counsel

Courtroom-Ready Since Day 1.

Mr. Kawabata was sworn into the California bar by the judge presiding over his first trial (for which the jury returned a verdict in his client’s favor after less than 30 minutes of deliberation).

He has worked for top firms and studios in Los Angeles, excelled at Northwestern University (a US News & World Report Top 10 National University) and UCLA Law (a US News & World Report “T14” Law School), and through his extensive experience with high-stakes arbitration, trials, and appeals, he has honed the judgment he exercises to advise clients on how to best achieve their goals, whether that means going to trial or not.

Without unnecessary overhead expenses such as ostentatious skyscraper offices that have no bearing on the quality of representation, Mr. Kawabata’s practice focuses on providing premium legal advice at reasonable rates.

Even if you are opposing counsel or a negotiation partner, glad you’re here.  Click around and stay for a while!